Baofeng Walkie Talkie BF-888S (pack of 1)

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BaoFeng walkie talkies BF-888S Long Range Two Way Radio with Headphone 16 Channels for Camping/Hiking /Hunting /Travelling /Communication

About the product
  • BF-888S is classic version, with 16 memory channel, built in LED torch and indicator, enhanced signal transmission, volume control, frequency range 400-470MHz, 50 CTCSS/105 CDCSS.
  • BF-888s radio has a earpiece,Intelligent Charging,1500mAh Li-ion battery,long battery life , Low Voltage Alert, Anti-monitoring anti-interference, good sound quality,low voltage alert.
  • Applicable to:travel by car,biking, hiking,hunting, mountain climbing, bar, KTV, restaurant, construction area indication, security guard and other office space.
  • Built in flashlight can be used in poor lighting conditions and nighttime environments.
  • Voice Prompt; PC Programming.



  • WARNING: Operating a radio on one of the following restricted frequencies without a license or authorization by the FCC can result in a variety of enforcement actions, including seizure of equipment, fines and other criminal penalties: 136 MHz – 137 MHz (Aviation Services, Part 87); 137 MHz – 138 MHz (Satellite Communications, Part 25); 138 MHz – 144 MHz (not available to any FCC licensee – Federal use only); 156.7625 MHz – 157.0375 MHz (Maritime Services, Part 80 and Aviation Services, Part 87)


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